OCSD Recognizes the important role the media plays in reporting news and information about its policies, programs, services, events, students, and employees. The Department of Communications is committed to providing necessary information to the media and making every effort to work within media deadlines.

Requests for Media Coverage

District and school news should be submitted to the Department of Communications for approval and proper dissemination to media outlets to ensure accuracy and consistent, proper, and professional relationships with the media.

When requests for student interviews are granted, the interview will be conducted at a district-designated site to minimize disruption to the learning environment.

All media requests to interview, record, or photograph employees, students, or board members must be made through the Communications Coordinator.

Media on School Property

There are times when members of the media will need to access our schools in order to report on district stories. Members of the media are expected to notify the Communications Coordinator for approval prior to gaining access to district property. As a safety and security precaution, the media will be asked to sign in at the main office and follow all visitor procedures when entering district property.

When video taping, taking a still photograph, or conducting interviews, while on school district property, the Communications Coordinator, or designee, will accompany the media at all times to assist.

At all times, the Communications Coordinator, or designee, and/or an adult representative of the school, should be present when students are interviewed or photographed in conjunction with a school or district function. The presiding adult may intercede in the interview or photography any time he/she judges the questions or images to conflict with the best interests of the student or the district.

School Board Meetings

Members of the media are invited to attend all open meetings of the School Board. Media may videotape and/or record these meetings. To avoid disruption of the meeting, members of the media are asked not to approach board members, guest speakers, or members of the audience inside the boardroom during the meeting.

Sporting events

The Athletic Director and other coaching staff, as approved by the school principal, may participate in interviews with sports reporters who are covering OCSD athletic events, competitions, and practices.

For anything other than routine game coverage, including athletic interview requests and any formal release of information to the media (i.e. press releases), all media inquiries should be directed to the Communications Coordinator.


During emergency situations, OCSD will work as cooperatively as possible to provide timely information to the media on the emergency and its impact on students and staff members, provided the release of information does not jeopardize the emergency response activities, or conflict with FERPAA, the well-being of our students and employees, or the concerns of their families. Members of the media may be assigned to a designated site to ensure full access by emergency response teams. The Communications Coordinator will work as quickly as possible to provide accurate information to the media through a spokesperson, written release, or news briefings.